Dec 132011

Because more information is coming out practically every day about the very real dangers of smoking cigarettes, this is quickly becoming a very unpopular thing to do in many social circles. That, coupled with so many restrictions being placed upon smokers nowadays concerning where they can and cannot smoke, the use of electronic cigarettes is really picking up steam for many people.

Not only does electronic smoking provide smokers with a cleaner, less harmful, more convenient alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, it also happens to be much cheaper.

Anyone who can’t – or doesn’t want to – stop smoking cigarettes, can still enjoy the habit without having to worry about the damaging side-effects that are produced by the additional substances found in the tobacco used in regular cigarettes.

No more tar, carcinogenic additives, or dangerous second hand smoke with the electronic cigarette. By eliminating tobacco, smokers are able to enjoy a safer cigarette with fewer health problems.

Ecigarettes are virtually odor free (they actually have a very pleasant smell) and the vapor released is nothing more than condensation from the device that won’t leave residue in the air, and it doesn’t irritate the eyes or senses like tobacco smoke does.

Electronic cigarettes simply deliver inhaled doses of nicotine (if you choose) to the smoker by way of a vaporized solution that is inhaled (referred to as ‘vaping’) just as you would inhale the smoke from tobacco cigarettes. This solution, or ‘juice’ is stored in ‘flavor cartridges’ and when subjected to an electric charge, is transformed into a vapor.

Note: You can get flavor cartridges with low dosages of nicotine, or none at all, if you just want to go through the motions of smoking, but without the nicotine.

Because there is is no smoke or foul smell associated with the electronic cigarette, electronic smoking may be enjoyed in restaurants, on public transport, in shopping centers and on airplanes, in most cases. They may also be safely used inside your home, without subjecting children, pets and loved ones to dangerous second hand smoke.

The electronic cigarette is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and easier to use. They are also considerably cheaper to use than regular cigarettes, and there is no mess, no ash, no stained fingers, and no holes burnt in your clothes or carpet from accidentally dropping a lit cigarette.

One of the major benefits of switching to E-cigarettes is the absence of tar, poisons, and carcinogens found in regular tobacco cigarettes. Inhaling tar is one of the biggest dangers of smoking because it’s one of the most deadly substances found in cigarettes. Once inhaled, tar goes directly to your lungs provoking respiratory problems and even cancer. Another huge benefit is the reduced cost of E-cigarettes.

Now, you won’t have to step out of restaurants, hotels, stores or any other public places because your E-cigarettes don’t have the same dangers of smoking as regular cigarettes, and they won’t bother other people. Forget about cigarette butts, ashtrays, second-hand smoke and even smoker’s breath that are common with traditional cigarette smoking.

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