Jan 312012

If you are a smoker and can’t seem to kick the tobacco cigarette habit, consider that many people are having great results using eCigs. eCigarettes (electronic cigarettes) look just like a regular cigarette, but use electricity to vaporize nicotine cartridges. You still get your nicotine fix, but without inhaling all of those harmful carcinogens.

Additionally, if you have children in the house, electronic cigarettes are a great way to protect them from the dangers of second hand smoke because ecigs have no smoke. And because of the absence of smoke, ecigs can be used in areas where smoking is normally prohibited. The only thing that comes out when you puff on the ecigarette is a harmless, odorless vapor that dissipates into the air.

Many people (me included) have used ecigarettes to finally kick the smoking habit after trying many other methods to quit that yielded little to no success. The nicotine cartridges are available in varying strengths from 16mg down to 0mg, so that you can start with the strongest strength and gradually drop down to the weaker cartridges until you no longer have cravings.

There are differing opinions at this time over whether or not eCigs completely eliminate the risk of cancer, but they do seem to make it much less likely. And wouldn’t you rather enjoy your nicotine without all the toxins of tobacco cigarettes that are proven to cause cancer?

Electronic cigarettes are much more satisfying than nicotine patches or gum, and the fact that you actually inhale the vapor and get to hold the cigarette with your fingers makes it feel almost exactly like smoking a real cigarette.

Not many people have heard of e cigarettes, but their popularity is rising fast. More people than ever are giving them a try, and a big part of it, in addition to being less dangerous than traditional cigarettes, is because tobacco taxes are constantly going up, and electronic cigarettes are not subject to the same taxes as tobacco cigarettes. Most people report that ecigs are significantly cheaper than cigarettes and they are saving quite a bit of money by switching.

Another perk to vaping instead of smoking, is that you can almost always find some good deals out there from all the various companies who sell electronic cigarettes. Some places will offer 10% or more discounts to first time customers, and some offer price cuts when it comes to bulk purchases.

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