Feb 042012

Electric cigarettes have been available overseas for several years and have finally made their way into the United States. Advertised as a smoking alternative, these products are quickly becoming popular among adults everywhere. Many users like them for the convenience, the flavor, and especially the ability to smoke inside at restaurants and bars.

What are electric cigarettes?

These products are different from traditional cigarettes in several key ways. First, there is no tobacco in them, but rather a combination of nicotine and water vapor. In place of tobacco, the electronic cigarette (Blu cigs) consists of a battery-powered cigarette and combination replaceable cartridge/atomizers that are filled with distilled water, nicotine, natural & artificial flavors, USP glycerin and citric acid.

When someone takes a drag on the electronic cigarette, a heat sensor activates the atomizer to turn the nicotine liquid into vapor, which is then enjoyed by the smoker – only without the smoke, poisons, and odor that come with traditional cigarettes.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

One benefit many users of the e-cigarette enjoy is the ability to smoke inside, anywhere, anytime. Because they are smokeless and tobacco free, laws regulating the use of traditional cigarettes in bars and restaurants do not apply. However, be aware that owners of establishments have the discretion to allow or disallow smokeless cigarettes to be used in their businesses.

Users enjoy the feel and taste of the ecigs without the smoke, tar and odor. No lighter is necessary and no part of the cigarette is lit or hot, so the risk of fire from dropped or idle cigarettes is eliminated.

While not advertised as a method to quit smoking, many people report that they enjoy them so much that they cut down significantly on their use of traditional cigarettes or quit them altogether. Cartridges come in different flavors and nicotine levels, so smokers can customize their e-cigarette to their preferences.

Get Started With Your Ecigs

The ecigs starter kit includes everything needed to begin using your electronic cigarette. Normally the starter kit will come with two batteries, battery chargers and replacement flavor cartridges.

If you decide to go with Blu electronic cigarettes, you will also receive a ‘pack’ in your kit which is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. This pack will hold your ecigs, a spare battery, and 5 flavor cartridges, and doubles as a battery charger for your ecigs.

One Blu cartridge typically supplies enough nicotine for about 100 puffs, and a battery will typically last for several hours. With higher prices for traditional cigarettes, many people are able to save money by switching to electric cigarettes.

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