Jan 222010

One of the many words currently working their way into our ever expanding lexicon is ‘Vaping’. The smoking of various substances for various reasons has been around for millennia, but modern technology has fairly recently provided the legions of cigarette aficionados with an alternative that is purported to be safer.

As more governments and businesses adopt taxes and rules which are decidedly unfriendly to cigar and cigarette fans, more and more smokers have been investing in electronic smoking.

vaping,electronic vaping,is vaping dangerousEcigs, as they are sometimes called, use no combustion, no actual tobacco, and produces no smoke. Instead they use an electric charge from a small battery to heat and vaporize a nicotine solution, allowing the dosage to be inhaled as an odorless aerosol.

A fan of vaping can purchase cartridges of varying strength levels from full flavor to no nicotine at all, and in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, cherry, tobacco, coffee, and menthol. With one cartridge providing roughly six cigarettes worth of puffs, the vaper usually saves a substantial amount of money, especially as tobacco products continue to grow more costly.

According to proponents of the trend, smokeless electronic cigarettes have many advantages over conventional cigarettes. Firstly, there is little to no smell. What smell is produced by vaporization disappears much faster than smoke, and it does not permeate and linger. Also, fans of this nicotine delivery method report a marked decline in tolls exacted on one’s body by conventional cigarettes. The sense of smell returns and they say that the shortness of breath, coughs, and general malaise caused by cigarette smoking is a thing of the past.

A vaporizer may also allow one to soothe the nicotine jitters in a venue where smoking is not allowed, but do take care, because it probably is not clearly legislated either way. You may be at the mercy of the establishment and you definitely will be at the mercy of the anti-smoking crusaders.
cigarettes,electronic cigarette

Vaping is widely believed to be safer than smoking, which makes sense. While nicotine itself is certainly not beneficial to one’s health, the dangers of smoking are largely borne by the tars and carcinogens and the damage done to the lungs by hot smoke.

Vaporizable nicotine is largely unregulated by the FDA, which is the main drawback to the electric cigarette. Opponents worry that the dosage is difficult to measure and that unregulated electronic vaping cartridges might contain all sorts of unspecified toxins. Rest easy, opponents, because there’s probably not a single person left in all of creation who thinks that smoking isn’t bad for the health.

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  One Response to “Seat Us In The Vaping Section, Please!”

  1. You mention that nicotine doesn’t have health benefits. There are actually some studies running around out there that show there actually are some benefits of nicotine. It helps with things like anxiety, attention span, and there has been some research into using nicotine patches to treat Alzheimer disease. Generally the problem has been the delivery method (smoking) was traditionally much more harmful than any benefit. Now nicotine is simply looked down upon because it hangs out in bad neighborhoods.

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