Oct 102011

The electric cigarette – also known as electronic cigarettes, ecigs, and smokeless cigarettes – gives smokers a nicotine hit without inhaling the harmful substances such as tar and other chemicals found in regular cigarettes that are responsible for such deadly diseases as lung cancer.

With the electric cigarette, a smoker no longer has to worry about the ‘no smoking’ ban in restaurants and other public places as there is no flame or smoke to deal with.

the electronic cigarette,stop smoking aids

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette for short, is styled to closely resemble a real cigarette, with most of them being white with a red glowing tip. One exception of this design is the blu cigs brand, which is designed with a blue tip instead so that it won’t be mistaken for a lit cigarette.

These cigarettes have evolved quite a bit since their original inception, and the technology has improved as well. Not only are they performing better than when they were first introduced to the market, but prices are also dropping as they are becoming more popular.

Use of the e-cigarette is pretty straightforward. A small chamber is built into the stick of the cigarette, where a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine is inserted. The nicotine is vaporized into steam by an atomizer, which is inhaled and then puffed out. The steam is odorless and harmless to others.

The electric cigarette is battery powered, and usually comes complete with a battery charger. To recharge the cigarette you simply plug it in. Nicotine cartridges,complete with atomizer to heat up the liquid inside, are screwed directly onto the battery part of the cigarette.

Commonly, sucking (or puffing) on the cigarette causes the atomizer to heat up till the nicotine in the cartridge is vaporized and inhaled. The taste of the electric cigarette is very similar to that of a regular cigarette (unless you choose the flavored juices such as vanilla, java or cherry) but eliminates the problems that are associated with regular cigarettes such as passive smoke, odor, and the inhalation of dangerous carcinogens.

Many people are turning to the smokeless cigarette because of the options opened up to them such as being able to smoke while enjoying a drink with friends at a bar, lighting up and relaxing after a meal with a cup of coffee, and smoking on long airplane flights and in other public locations.

Typically, different types of electronic smoking cartridges are sold with low, medium, or high amounts of nicotine in them.

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